My Bud Vase "Stardust" Water Pipe
My Bud Vase "Stardust" Water Pipe
My Bud Vase "Stardust" Water Pipe
My Bud Vase "Stardust" Water Pipe

My Bud Vase "Stardust" Water Pipe


The golden shimmering Stardust by My Bud Vase is bound to leave a lasting impression regardless of where you place this piece out on display. This lovely vase is more than eye-candy. It's also a functional water pipe to add some sparkly fun to all your festivities.

This thick textured glass decanter features hand-painted gold detailing with a matching stopper. When you want to enjoy your favorite herbal strains, remove the stopper to reveal the mouthpiece. Then add a bit of water to the vase, load the included clear bubble bowl with herb, and light up. The Stardust never fails to provide water-cooled hits that are silky smooth so just sit back, relax, and have some fun.

The Stardust stands 12-inches high and is supported by a 4.5-inch wide base. It comes with a lovely ivory pearl anemone flower poker for clearing the bowl.

    • 11 Inches
    • 4.5" Wide Base
    • Gold Accents
    • Highest Quality Materials
    • Includes Bowl
    • Includes Flower Poker
    • Includes Matching Cap Stopper
    • Thick Borosilicate Glass
    • Water Pipe