Beaker Bongs

Because of their stable base, beaker bongs can be built higher and higher, giving you plenty of room to accessorize with percolators or ice catchers. The extra space at the base means you can gather more smoke in the chamber for a stronger hit without having to buy a bigger bong. And, because the base narrows towards the beaker's neck, water is less likely to splash up into your face if you take a hard hit.

We carry over 60 beaker bottom bongs in wacky styles and sizes. Find what you're looking for in our store, whether that's a simply accented 10" MAB bong or a Glow In The Dark Painted Octopus Beaker. Bonus points if your beaker bong looks like a literal science lab beaker. With their basic but effective design, if you're building a gorgeous bong collection, make sure it includes a beaker bong. 

Beaker Bongs for Sale

We have many cheap beaker bongs available on our site, and we almost always have some sale running, so you're bound to find something you love in your price range.

Mini Beaker Bongs

Mini beaker bongs are just perfect if you're looking for discretion and a smoking piece you can easily pack away in a bag. The beaker shape means these adorable little water pipes have a larger chamber size in proportion to their body, so you'll... Read More