Attention, cannabis fans. If you’re looking for those big, big bongs that deliver massive hits, we’ve got you covered. From the cheap bongs that are a really good deal to the statement pieces you feel like showing off, we’ve got it all right here.

Why Big Bongs?

If you are pretty happy with a pre-roll or a little bubbler, this may be a real question for you. But the answer is easy: you get massive, filtered hits from a massive bong.

Small bongs might fit in your hand, but for seasoned smokers looking for huge clouds, weed bongs with reliable, thick borosilicate glass over 16 inches tall are ideal smoking accessories.

Here’s why advanced tokers love huge bongs:

  • Bigger hits. To take it to the next level, massive rips with filtered bong water from a huge bong can present you with... Read More