Silicone Bongs and Accessories

Silicone Bong - Convenient and Efficient

Silicone bongs are the most convenient and budget friendly bongs that have had a surge in popularity over the last few years.

Compared to glass bongs you never need to worry that your silicone bong will drop and shatter. Not only are they almost indestructible they are also extremely travel friendly as many silicone bongs can flex and squeeze into any travel bag. The silicone bong is the ultimate bong for beginners, travelers, and budgeters!

Benefits of a Silicone Bong

Silicone bongs are very different from traditional glass bongs and even acrylic and ceramic bongs. What sets the silicone bong apart is the material it is made from which allows for many distinct advantages over the common bong.

Let's explore the four major benefits of a silicone bong:

Silicone Bongs are Nearly Indestructible

As mentioned before if you have experienced many broken glass bongs from accidental drops than the silicone bong is a clumsy person's dream bong! Being nearly indestructible from drops, kicks, and slips this makes it so your silicone bong can last the test of time.

Silicone Bongs are Easy to Clean

Unlike glass, the resin cannot attach to the silicone bong as easily which makes it much easier to clean as well. Just stick your silicone pipe into your freezer and the resin will harden up and be much easier to clean. Some silicone bongs are even dish washer friendly!

Silicone Pipes are Travel Friendly

The silicone bong is the ultimate bong for travel purposes. They can be thrown into any bag and squeezed, stuffed, and still not get damaged as a glass or acrylic bong would. Obviously... Read More