14mm bowl
14mm bowl piece
14 mm bowl piece

14mm Bowl

Male or Female?

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What's Included?

  • 1x 14mm bowl or your choice (male or female)

What is a 14mm Bowl?

A flower bowl piece serves the purpose of holding and containing your dry herbs so that you can smoke with ease. They are removable and detachable so you can have an easy time cleaning. You will need a 14mm female flower bowl or male depending on your bong piece.

How to Use a 14mm Bowl Piece:

  1. Place your 14mm glass bowl into your downstem.
  2. Pack your desired cannabis inside your 14 mm bowl
  3. Remove 14 mm bowl piece from downstem when needed, to clean

Highlights of a 14mm Flower Bowl Piece

  • Premium Quality
  • 14 MM Bowl (Joint)
  • Assorted Styles
  • 14mm Flower Bowl Comes in Female and Male Varieties

**Styles May Vary**