Glass Bongs

Glass bongs are the perfect option as they are easier to clean, maintain, and provide an overall exceptional smoking experience. This is because residue and build up is is less than other materials such as silicone, ceramic, or acrylic. Glass bongs can make for a reliable piece that functions optimally at delivering powerful hits.

Glass Bongs for Sale

Depending on the quality of borosilicate glass, they can be very expensive and pricey. That's why Daily High Club took the time to choose and provide the best options for those shopping on a budget. There are many affordable options to pick from that aren't lacking in quality or design, so you can shop comfortably.

Glass Water Bongs

Glass water bongs are bongs that have a chamber for holding water and functions as a filtration system. They will also typically have a basic diffuser such as a downstem but not all are included in every piece. It is best to find one that has one if you want a smoother and cleaner hit, as having a downstem will cool down your hot smoke.

Coloured Glass Bongs

Looking to spice things up with your smoking collection? Coloured glass bongs are the new way to amp up your glassware by giving it more vibrancy and life. There are many fun styles and designs to choose from, whether it be an animal styled coloured glass bong or just a standard bong with multiple funky colors that make people double take when looking.

Thick Glass Bongs

The thicker the better, that's why thick glass bongs are the go to for those in need of a more reliable glass piece. Thick glass is less prone to breakage and shattering when tipped over, since they are not as fragile and delicate as to thinly... Read More