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Dab Rig Types

Every dab needs a rig, and there are several different types available. From traditional glass to advanced electronic rigs, there are dab rigs of all shapes and sizes to fit the needs of anyone looking to spark up a dabbing session. While the slew of options may be overwhelming for first-time buyers, understanding the options and how each may or may not fit your individual needs can help you decide on which kind of dab rig is right for you.

At DHC, we have just about every type of dab rig for sale online. Here are the different types of dab rigs available on our website, including pros and cons for each.


glass dab rigGlass Dab Rigs

Glass dab rigs are the most common dab rigs you will find on the market, and with good reason: they’re affordable, easy to use, and can be found at just about every smoke shop. They also provide the cleanest dabbing experience, unlike ceramic, acrylic, and silicone dab rigs which may affect the flavor profile of your preferred concentrate.
It’s important to choose high-quality, heat-resistant glass rigs that are specifically designed for dabbing, like lab-grade borosilicate glass. A high-quality quartz nail or “banger” that can withstand the high heat from a butane torch is also essential for an ideal experience when using a glass dab rig.

Many glass dab rigs also contain percs, as the vapor from dabs is much more concentrated and can be harsher than normal cannabis smoke. Percs in dab rigs vary, from honeycomb-style percs to showerhead, tree, and turbine percs.

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