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    What is a RAW Rolling Machine?

    A raw machine is arguably one of the most convenient inventions for joint rolling. This RAWthentic rolling machine makes rolling easier and simpler while ensuring the most quality consistent rolls. A RAW machine such as this, should be a necessity for those who love hitting that perfect smooth spliff every time!

    As part of our commitment to the roll-your-own market, and the environment, we are proud to introduce the first 79mm rolling machine ever to be made from natural hemp composite plastic. Made in the oldest existing rolling machine factory on earth in Kudus, on Java Island, Indonesia. This factory was established almost 100 years ago to make hand rolling machines for the local clove cigarette factories, and they still produce hand rolling machines for these same factories to this day.

    How to Use a RAW Machine:

    1. Load roller with filter and choice of cannabis
    2. Roll the machine to get it set
    3. Insert rolling paper gum side up (towards you) then roll machine
    4. Lick joint paper, then proceed to finish rolling

    Benefits of a RAWthentic Rolling Machine:

    • Consistent Uniform Rolls
    • Easy to Use
    • Speeds Up Rolling Time
    • Convenient and Portable
    • Comes in two sizes: 79MM and 110MM
    • RAWthentic rolling machine

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