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Herb Grinders


Weed Grinders

When it comes to sifting through your weed to remove the bad chunks and preserve the oh-so potent kief, a weed grinder is the ultimate solution. Having an herb grinder ensures that you will seamlessly cut through your herb and separate the flower into convenient smokable chunks that are easy to load into your bowl or bong. A grinder can do this because of the many sharp “teeth” the herb grinder has.

Grinders usually come in multiple pieces – the most common are 2 piece and 4 piece grinders.

2 Piece Grinders

Two-piece grinders are the simplest grinders – they have a single compartment with a lid and teeth on both pieces. The “teeth” are designed for grinding your herb into fine pieces perfect for smoking.

4 Piece Herb Grinders

A 4 piece herb grinder adds an additional compartment added to the grinding chamber. At the bottom of the grinding piece are holes that let your ground herb fall through into the next chamber.

This makes it easier to extract the ground herb – instead of laboriously removing it from between the teeth yourself, all you have to do is take the already-ground herb out of the second chamber.

Grinders with Pollen Catcher

In the 4 piece herb grinder, the second chamber has a fine mesh bottom with a third chamber below it that captures the finest powder from your herb, including pollen and other fine dust particles that can be particularly rich and can be used to cap off a bowl of herb, or many other uses.

How to Use a Weed Grinder

The first thing to understand about weed grinders is that they will never completely close immediately when you put your marijuana into them. This is because the teeth are pushing against the flower and... Read More

Grinder FAQs.

Still not convinced on just how important a herb grinder is just yet? You may need to grind some weed up now and you can’t wait, and you want to know just how you can grind your weed without a grinder. There are many popular methods such as using scissors in a shot glass, grinding in a small blender, and even the old school hand method. Our advice is to purchase a high-quality herb grinder here at Daily High Club and never have to waste your time with any of these slow and tedious DYI weed grinding methods.

Yes, the ground herb can be packed more tightly into the bowl of your favorite piece, making it easier to control how quickly it burns. By comparison to the regularly separated herb, the ground flower has less exposure to oxygen and will only burn as you inhale, meaning you essentially control the burn wit your pace of inhalation.

Start by disassembling your grinder and you can use q-tips and toothpicks to begin breaking off any stubborn residue. When it comes to a metal grinder, we suggest you place your weed grinder in a plastic bag and soak with alcohol. When you see the alcohol become muddy with all the residue pieces breaking off then you can drain and begin to wipe clean with paper towel and q-tips. For plastic grinder we suggest staying away from alcohol and just use warm water or if you would like to use a little soap in your warm water that is ok as well.