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You’ve heard about them, you’ve seen other people using them – maybe you’ve even owned them in the past. 

Other than looking cool and adding to the amount of smoking gear you have, what are the tangible benefits of owning your own grinder?

Well, for one thing: grinders make it much easier to separate flower into convenient smokable chunks that are easy to load into the bowl of your pipe or water bong. With a few simple turns of your grinder, herb is reduced to perfectly-sized pieces - versus taking several minutes to separate by hand. 

Additionally, grinders save pollen and plant matter so that you’ll be able to get more out of your smoking sessions because when you are pulling apart flowers by hand, that sticky pollen can cling to your fingers and hands, instead of ending up in your bowl or wrapping papers where it belongs.

And as if that weren’t enough…

Grinders Actually Conserve Your Flower

Yes, it’s true. Here’s why. 

The ground herb can be packed more tightly into the bowl of your favorite piece, making it easier to control how quickly it burns. By comparison to the regularly-separated herb, the ground flower has less exposure to oxygen and will only burn as you inhale, meaning you essentially control the burn with your pace of inhalation.

Plus in addition to all of the tangible benefits, grinders also offer you an additional perk: they help you express your sense of style and fashion as a smoker. They come in all different shapes and sizes – from large metal grinders to state of the art contraptions – we’ll... Read More