Mini Bong & Small Bongs

Mini bongs are fun to add to your collection as well as a piece you can use on the daily. If you're going to your smoke buddy's house, rest assured a mini bong will be the first thing you grab. Portable, lightweight, and easier to clean than larger sized glass, are all reasons why you should get your hands on one now.

Mini Glass Bongs

There are many fun sized mini glass bongs here at DHC, so it's only a matter of choosing one that best suits you and what style you are looking for. All mini bongs can be discreet if needed and that's what makes these types of bongs special.

Cute Mini Bongs

Maybe you're shopping for yourself, your gf, family member, or even a friend, either way, there a ton of cute mini bongs at Daily High Club that you can comfortably browse through. There are fun animal style bongs that are vibrant and colorful, making it perfect for those who want to spice things up in their collection. Cute mini bongs also make for a great table piece to show off to all those who come to your house!

Cool Mini Bongs

There are many cool mini bongs out there and it all boils down to preference on what you like. With numerous intricate designs at DHC, there is no reason why one will fall short on finding a cool mini bong that is of quality and reliable.

Cheap Mini Bongs

We always make sure to always include selections that carry more affordable options for those on a budget. Getting a nice bong that functions effectively and efficiently doesn't always have to mean breaking the bank. There is so much variety to choose from!

Mini Bongs for Sale

DHC carries both cheap mini bongs as well... Read More