Famous Brandz "Surrender" Rolling Tray

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This metal rolling tray called 'Surrender' from Famous Design features an epic honey drip design on a black background.  It's an eye-catching, durable rolling tray made of high-grade aluminum.

The Surrender tray comes in two sizes: Small (5.5" x 7") and Medium (6.25" x 10.5"). This gives you the option of travel-friendly and portable or a bigger size that's got all the real estate you need for rolling up your doobs and blunts and holding your smoking gear. 

This easy-clean aluminum tray has a non-stick surface and rounded corners to prevent bits of herb from getting trapped in the corners. It's got high sides to keep your things securely in place.

Surrender is the perfect tray whether you're a seasoned custom-roller or a newbie to the rolling game. Pick your preferred size and order today!