Water Pipes are Bongs, referred to as filtration devices used to smoke marijuana or dry cannabis flowers. A bong with a water chamber allows for smoke to be optimally cooled, resulting in much smoother, cleaner, and stronger inhales. Bongs are also great for those looking to achieve an intense high using less marijuana as compared to other methods of smoking cannabis. . .
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Water Pipes are Bongs, referred to as filtration devices used to smoke marijuana or dry cannabis flowers. A bong with a water chamber allows for smoke to be optimally cooled, resulting in much smoother, cleaner, and stronger inhales. Bongs are also great for those looking to achieve an intense high using less marijuana as compared to other methods of smoking cannabis. . .
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Frequently asked questions about Bongs

Water Pipes or Bubblers

A bong is a device that allows you to filter smoke from your favourite herbs, such as cannabis, through water filtration. Bongs may also be referred to as

How do bongs work?

and come available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They have been used across the globe by herb connoisseurs for centuries as they provide a smoother, more enhanced smoking experience.
Within the Daily High Club range, you’ll discover a vast collection of affordable, quality bongs & water pipes as well as more advanced, premium smoking devices to provide you with the ultimate smoke.

How durable are bongs & water pipes?

Bongs work by igniting herbs within the bowl and inhaling smoke through the mouthpiece, similar to how most hand pipes work. As the smoke is inhaled, it passes through the submerged removable diffused downstem and into the main base of the bong where it percolates through water. This process provides filtration and essentially cleans the smoke en route to your lungs.
If it’s your first time using a bong, be sure to check out our detailed blog on how to hit a bong. It will provide you with all of the info you need to enjoy smoking your bong as safely and efficiently as possible.

How do you keep your bong clean?

The strength of a bong lies in its material and construction. Traditional glass bongs and glass water pipes may seem fragile but, on the contrary, they are much stronger than you would think. The borosilicate glass used to make bongs is super robust, dense and shatter resistant and is made to withstand extreme temperatures.
Of course, glass has its limits and can crack or shatter when dropped from a height onto a hard surface and alternative materials are available. Each alternative material has its strengths and offers enhanced durability. Be sure to check out our range of silicone, acrylic and bamboo bongs if you’re in the market for an alternative option to glass.

Are bongs equipped with a carb hole?

Regular cleaning and maintenance is essential for your bong and caring for it will not only help extend its lifespan, but provide regular, consistent filtration.
We recommend that you regularly empty the water from the chamber and thoroughly clean the area with isopropyl alcohol or a bong clean solution. Another option for removing stains is mixing coarse sea salt with your isopropyl alcohol and allowing it to soak for a while before rinsing with fresh water. Some bongs also have ash catchers to prevent ash from dropping through into the bong water.
For the best bong and water pipe maintenance, check out our variety of bong cleaning accessories and experience continued clean smoke without the worry of bad smells and tastes or stains on your bong.

How much water should you put in a bong?

Many bongs come equipped with a carb hole, also known as a kick hole for extra control of your hits. The carb hole is usually located on the left side, or the rear of the bongs and is used to clear the smoke out of the chamber.
When you light your bong, you have to put your finger on the carb hole to create a vacuum. When the chamber is filled with smoke, you can take your finger off the carb hole and inhale all the built-up smoke.

Can I use my bong without water?

This will really depend on the size and shape of your bong - there isn’t a set or standard amount of water to fill your bong. Generally, your bong should be filled in such a way that half an inch of the bottom section of the downstem is submerged in water allowing the water to effectively filter the smoke. Bongs that are overfilled can work less effectively.
You should also consider the temperature of the water being used in your bong. For instance, ice cold water can provide a cooler, smoother smoke. However, we recommend that beginners opt for lukewarm water to begin with and experiment with cooler and warmer water as you get used to hitting bongs.

What is the difference between a bong & a water pipe?

Water is the key constituent for filtering the smoke, therefore it’s not wise to smoke a dry bong. Without water, the smoke you inhale will be coarse and unfiltered and will feel harsh on your lungs and throat.

What is the difference between a bubbler & a bong?

Essentially bongs and water pipes are very similar devices for smoking. They both feature a water chamber for filtration and cooling your smoke. The main difference lies in their appearance.
With a bong, you inhale the smoke through the top of the bong tube. Water pipes, on the other hand, incorporate a straw or a pipe in their design that protrudes at an angle through the side of the device.

What is the difference between a bong and a dab rig?

Dab rigs are designed for use with dab waxes and concentrate whereas bongs are designed for the purpose of burning dry herbs. Dab rigs also include a banger or quartz nail and vapor dome to vaporize your concentrated material, whereas bongs use combustion to ignite and burn your herbs in a glass bowl.
To find out more about dab rigs and explore our collection, click here.

What is the difference between a male & a female bong?

Female bongs are the opposite of male bongs. If you have to place your herb bowl or another accessory into your bong joint or downstem, you have a female bong joint. If you have to slide your bowl or accessory onto the bong joint or downstem, you have a male bong. If you own a female bong, it’s important to buy male accessories that will insert into your bong's female joint or downstem.

How much does a bong cost?

At Daily High Club, we stock a vast collection of bongs that range between $7-$600 dollars so you’ll be able to find the perfect bongs or water piper to suit your budget.
Our more affordable and cheap bongs tend to be smaller with fewer accessories and unique design features whereas our more expensive bongs fall on the larger side and have more premium features and expensive materials for an enhanced smoking experience.

Are bongs suitable for beginners?

Yes, bongs are relatively easy to handle and provide novice smokers with a super smooth and clean smoke. We recommend that people using bongs for the first time take it easy and don’t pack their bowl too heavily to avoid a hard hit.

Are bongs heat-resistant?

Bongs are designed to withstand extreme temperatures. The borosilicate glass used in their manufacture is the same material used in scientific lab equipment and will stand up to high temperatures and freezing temperatures. As well as glass bongs, our silicone bongs and alternative materials are also designed with heat resistance at their core.

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