Bong Bowls Explained

Also known as a bong slide, a bong bowl holds the dry herb, and is a critical piece of every water pipe or bong. Most bongs and other water pipes use a glass bong bowl or other removable slide, a glass-on-glass joint connection where it connects with the bong.

Bong bowls are made in a variety of joint sizes, but the most common option is a 14mm male bowl. Glass bongs nearly always come with a simple glass bowl slide, but you can always stick to an easy-to-use glass pipe if you’d prefer to stick to the basics.

Herb bowls come in a variety of different sizes (10mm and 18mm bowls are less common, with 14mm bowls more popular) and both male bowls and female bowls exist. It is critical to know the gender and joint size of your dab rig or water pipe when buying a new glass slide, or your bong and new bowl may well be incompatible. Never blow off water pipe joint sizes or gender.

Bowls can be made using a huge range of materials such as ceramic, colored glass, silicone, and stainless steel. Heavy borosilicate glass is the most durable, thick glass option. But even more basic glass bowls are made to create a host of unique glass blowing aesthetic effects such as metallic fuming or marbles. But you’re just as likely to see a sturdy, thick glass bowl in a basic size and shape as anything else.

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