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Smoking How To: A Pipe For Every Preference

Smoking How To: A Pipe For Every Preference No two pipes are the same, and neither are the people who smoke them. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, a smoker on the down low, or the one who likes to kick off the smoke sesh, there’s a pipe for every preference in this how-to guide. Health Conscious Smoker If you’re someone who is a little nervous about harsh smoke affecting your lungs, bongs are the way to go. Percolators offer filtration and cut down on unwanted toxins, while water pipes with an ice pinch chill smoke down even more...

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How To: Instantly Understand Smoker Slang

How To: Instantly Understand Smoker Slang Having a difficult time keeping up with the dialogue in your smoke sesh? With the popularity of this hobby rapidly growing and transcending diverse groups of people, it’s important to be able to communicate effectively with all of your new smoker sidekicks. Scroll through this list of common smoker terms and phrases to become a smooth-talking, smoking pro! Banger: Used for dabs, this is a small, circular-shaped dish that attaches to a dab rig and heated to extremely high temperatures, vaporizing legal concentrates. Bangers are often made from high quality quartz, but may be made of...

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How To: Identify Types of Percs

How To: Identify Types of Percs If you’re a lover of bongs and dab rigs, then you probably already know the basics of percolators. But maybe you only play with pipes and have no idea how much percs can up your smoking game. Never fear, DHC is here! We’ll walk you through the importance of percs and the most common types so you can walk into that next smoke sesh as a bonafide perc professional. Why Percs are Awesome Percolators are common additions to bongs, bubblers and dab rigs, and many of these pipes have them built in to their...

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How To: Use a Carb Cap

How To: Use a Carb Cap Whether you’re a die-hard dab fan or you’re a newbie to legal concentrates, a carb cap is definitely a useful accessory for your rig. If you’re sitting there scratching your head, don’t worry! DHC will disclose the deets of this dope dabbing device. What is a Carb Cap? Essentially, a carb cap is anything that can be placed over the top of an open-air dab system. An open system is any dab rig setup where concentrates rely on the heat from the dish of the nail, like with domeless nails, bangers or curves. Carb...

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How To: Keep Clean with Smojo Screens

How To: Keep Clean with Smojo Screens One of the most interesting items in DHC’s August box of smoking supplies is the Smojo Screen! This little gadget makes a big difference in keeping your glass clean and preventing tobacco or legal herbs from getting wasted in your bong water. Made of surgical steel, the Smojo Screen is designed to be the first permanent smoke screen, as opposed to the traditional mesh screen that must be replaced if it falls out or when big holes form in the wire. Smojo Screens are super easy to use thanks to its foolproof design. Simply...

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