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Pipe Vs Bong - Which Is the Best for You?

Pipe Vs. Bong Round 1! There's so much to decide when you're betting on who's going to win the match between pipe vs bong. Deciphering the two might appear easy. However, in certain instances, a pipe can use water and be considered a water pipe and a bong can be considered a dry bong, using no water. And then you throw bubblers in the mix and you're lookin' in the mirror like, "Who Am I?" We totally get your frustration! Continue reading because we're going to help you understand the many differences of bong vs bubbler, bubblers vs pipes, and bongs...

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How to Talk Bongs with Mom!

How to talk to Mom about your Bong With Mother’s Day coming up and some of us staying at home with the family, it’s hard to avoid conversations with mom about your usage - completely inevitable.  That’s why it’s important to be thinking and prepared for the way to go about these talks ahead of time, and as Mother’s Day gets closer, you can make it a fun experience for both of you. Who knows - maybe she’s interested!  Especially in this age while we’ve been at home, it could be an ideal time to talk with the ‘rents about...

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Top 7 Rolling Papers for 2019

Top 7 Rolling Papers for 2019 If you’re asking yourself what papers to buy next, there’s no need. We’ve got you covered with our fave papers as of late, and ones you should definitely scoop up for the next smoking sesh!. Take a gander at this brief guide and complete that shopping list! Juicy Jay Flavored Papers We used Juicy Jay flavored papers quite a bit in 2018, but for good reason! You can really treat yourself to quite delicious, satisfying smoke every time you take a drag. Each leaf is a regular size 80mm-long/60mm-across size, making it ideal for beginners...

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How To: Low Temp Dab

How To: Low Temp Dab By now you may have heard of “low temp dabbing,” and how it’s supposed to be the bee’s knees when it comes to smoking legal concentrates. But is it really so much better than the high temp dabs we’re used to taking? Let’s find out. What’s the Diff? Most people are used to high temp dabs, which happens when the nail reaches scorching hot temperatures of 600 to 900oF. While we usually try to heat up our nails or bangers as hot as possible to vaporize the legal concentrate immediately, this actually results in a...

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How To: Choose Your Glass In 2019

How To: Choose Your Glass In 2019 With the new year starting, many of us want to treat ourselves to a new go-to piece of glass, one we’ll be able to enjoy all year long and be proud to add to our arsenal of smoking supplies. But what to choose? A dry pipe or a bong? A handpiece or a water pipe? The most obvious difference between the two types of glass is in the name: a water pipe contains water and dry pipes do not. Water pipes are definitely ranked higher for filtration and notoriety, but portability and simplicity...

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