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How To: Use a Carb Cap

How To: Use a Carb Cap

DHC How to Use a Carb Cap
Whether you’re a die-hard dab fan or you’re a newbie to legal concentrates, a carb cap is definitely a useful accessory for your rig. If you’re sitting there scratching your head, don’t worry! DHC will disclose the deets of this dope dabbing device.

What is a Carb Cap?

DHC How To Use a Carb Cap
Essentially, a carb cap is anything that can be placed over the top of an open-air dab system. An open system is any dab rig setup where concentrates rely on the heat from the dish of the nail, like with domeless nails, bangers or curves. Carb caps come in various designs and styles, usually made of glass or titanium or quartz, that work to trap heat and help legal concentrates completely vaporize. Today, most functional carb caps feature a hollowed, rounded end that faces down and serves as the cap, and then an extended handle end to hold.

Why Do I Need One?

DHC How To Use a Carb Cap Why
Carb caps are crucial in modifying airflow, increasing flavor, and decreasing wasted product. They function by restricting air flow to your dab, which allows for greater heat retention, less air pressure, and thicker vapor quality.
A standard dab rig is a glass water pipe, with a nail attachment made of either glass or metal. The nail is heated using a butane torch, and then the legal concentrate is “dabbed” onto it, which creates vapor to be inhaled.
At such high temperatures, the distribution of heat and combustion of oil is often uneven, resulting in smoke with decreased flavor and quality. This is where a carb cap comes in handy. By adding this nifty little tool into your dabbing equation, you can ultimately close the open system, creating a more level interaction between concentrate and heat, and a much tastier overall experience.

How To Use:

DHC How To Use a Carb Cap
Using a carb cap is easy! After heating your nail surface and applying your dab, simply cover the nail or banger with the carb cap to trap the heat. To enhance effectiveness, gently twirl or spin the cap around the crown of your nail. If you’re using a titanium carb cap, or one with a flat base for capping, lightly lift it up and down instead of swirling.
DHC How To Use a Carb Cap Titanium
This forces the air stream around, which spreads the oils around the dabbing surface. Then, when you’re ready, remove the carb cap and inhale the resulting vapor!
DHC How To Use a Carb Cap

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