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Smoking How To: A Pipe For Every Preference

Smoking How To: A Pipe For Every Preference

No two pipes are the same, and neither are the people who smoke them. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, a smoker on the down low, or the one who likes to kick off the smoke sesh, there’s a pipe for every preference in this how-to guide.

Health Conscious Smoker

If you’re someone who is a little nervous about harsh smoke affecting your lungs, bongs are the way to go. Percolators offer filtration and cut down on unwanted toxins, while water pipes with an ice pinch chill smoke down even more than the water alone and offer a nice cooling effect with every inhalation. Bongs also allow you to take fewer hits because of the large volume of smoke they produce, meaning you can conserve your tobacco, which is a huge bonus!

But beware, new smokers may want to start with a small bong or bubbler, as the amount of smoke you get and the multiple pieces can be a little overwhelming if you’re just starting out. Bongs can also become quite difficult to clean if you have a lot of attachments or intricate perc systems, so we suggest checking out How To: Clean Your Bong if water pipes are the ideal option for you.

Smoker On The Go

dry pipe

If you’re always on the run from one thing to the next, try toting around a dry pipe or a one hitter. They’re by far the most portable and can be easily hidden if necessary due to their inherently simple nature and small size. Dry pipes are very easy to use and very easy to clean, and won’t emit as much of an odor since there’s no dirty bong water to trap smells. So if you’re always burning one on the road, this is certainly the way to go.

Smoking Novice


If you’re a relatively new smoker, try your hand at a bubbler. They’re like mini versions of bongs, but simpler to use and less intimidating than big rigs. But, like a bong, they create soft, smooth hits which may be needed if you’re trying to get used to inhaling any quantity of smoke. Bubblers are similar to dry pipes, too, as they typically have some kind of carb hole instead of a smoker having to lift or shift any pieces. Bubblers are easy to clean, and usually pretty discreet.

The only thing to watch out for is emptying the bowl. Because of how most bubblers are built emptying the bowl means spilling out water with it. However, you don’t want that water to get too funky, so if that’s the only thing to watch out for then that’s not too bad!

The Homebody Smoker

dab rig

If you like to kick back and relax with a reliable home piece, get yourself a solid dab rig. Dab rigs involve quite a bit of moving parts, like the actual pipe, then the nail, dome, torch, carb cap. This makes them the best home base pipe, as well as a good option for somebody who’s smoked a pipe or two and knows their way around a piece.

Dab rigs are more sturdy most of the time, too, made of thick glass that can handle the hot torch flames. This makes them more difficult to break, and more difficult to lug around. Just another reason these pipes are perfect for the stationary lifestyle. Be careful though, keep a clean workspace or those legal concentrates will cause quite the sticky situation.

Smoking Vet

dry pipe steamroller

It takes a pro to handle steamrollers, but they can be awfully rewarding. Steamrollers have a notorious reputation for consistently delivering heavy smoke that hits harder than the average dry pipe, although some steamrollers do have chambers between the bowl and the mouthpiece that allegedly causes smoke to be "rolled" to increase cooling. Steamrollers are typically made of thick glass, while some are even built with a nail instead of a bowl for smoking oil! The cool thing is both ends are open, and the bowl end doubles as a type of carb. So, you light the tobacco or legal herbs, then cover the open end near the bowl with your hand, which fills the pipe with smoke for you to swiftly inhale all at once after you re-expose the end.

Because of their supreme, low-resistance clearing capabilities, steamrollers are not recommended for newbies. Instead, they are best for experienced smokers who can control their hits and intake. However, for seasoned smokers who know their inhaling capabilities, steamrollers can bring quite the experience.

The Lowkey Smoker

Smoking How To A Pipe For Every Preference Vape Pens

DHC has tons of low-key accessories like our credit card, Roach Clip and of course, vaporizers. Vapes are the easiest way to smoke on the DL. Vaping instead of producing lots of smoke means a less intense smell. NOt to mention some oils that are flavored actually create fruity smells that go with their taste, making it an enjoyable experience for you and whatever noses might be hanging around. Lower temps mean no combustion so they’re cleaner and don’t cause the same coughing that comes with more traditional smoking methods. Vapes are available in stationary varieties, although many people go the portable route, but both provide lots of materials and colors so it’s easy to find something that suits you.

roach clip

The Social Smoker

raw papers

If you’re someone who would rather smoke around others or in a group sesh, then opt for papers or wraps instead of dry or water pipe. There’s always plenty to share in a pack of papers, and a roll is much easier to pass and harder to break when passing around. Papers and wraps are also super portable and very easy to pack away in a purse or pocket.

You can make filters out of tips, but rolls can be a little harsher than some other methods, so be mindful when you pull. Wraps and papers are mad cheap as well, which means they’re easy to replace and restock if you lose them or run out. Plus, each DHC box comes with a pack or two so after a few months you’re set for months!

snowman rig bong

Stay tuned for more guides and fun articles as we close out November and usher in the holiday spirit with new products and exciting info!

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