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How To Clean a Grinder With Beginner Friendly Steps

how to clean a grinder

Learning how to clean a grinder can help when it becomes too sticky and hard to use.

Just like pipes and attachments, grinders should be cleaned every once in a while to maintain sharpness and efficiency. 

Cleaning grinders doesn’t have to be done often. They are not like a pipe where you should be cleaning and maintaining them on a regular basis, but when you start to feel some resistance, it’s time to get out the gunk. 

So if you are unsure exactly what to do, these methods will teach you how to clean a grinder and save kief in the process.

While there may be other ways out there that teach you how to clean a grinder, the methods in this article have been proven to work for years, and can be achieved with simple household items.

So continue reading to learn exactly how to clean a herb grinder with different methods such as freezing, boiling, and using warm water and soap.

Obtain a Clean Grinder by Freezing

It’s no secret that weed grinders need to be cleaned. Use after use causes the resin to build up, leaving you with a stuck grinder, and the teeth will eventually break. So the first method of cleaning grinders is by freezing them. 

There are great benefits to putting your grinder in the freezer, not only is it easy, but it is possibly the best way if you are looking to save kief.

clean grinder

Step 1: Put Your Stuck Grinder in the Freezer

Disassemble your grinder and place them in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. By putting your grinder in the freezer, you are allowing any kief to go from soft and sticky, to hard and brittle. A freezing grinder makes it easier for the substance to break free from the sides and screen. You will then want to remove the parts and tap out each piece over a paper towel or paper plate on a hard surface, this will allow your kief to fall into the chamber . 

Step 2: After Freezing, Cleaning Your Grinder is Easy 

You will next want to take each part of the grinder and hit it against a paper plate or on a hard surface. This will allow your kief to fall into the chamber for collecting. Once you see the amount of kief that you are actually saving, you will be amazed.

Step 3: Use a Brush to Clean Grinder and Collect Kief 

grinder cleaning brush

Use a soft paintbrush or toothbrush to sweep off any remaining kief particles. Be sure to save all the kief by sweeping it onto a paper plate. You will want to be sure to get into grooves and teeth of the grinder, as this is where the particles are most often stuck. You can also dip the brush in rubbing alcohol for a deeper clean, after you have collected your desired amount of kief. This method is also how to get kief out of your grinder screen.

How to Clean a Weed Grinder That is All Metal

isopropyl alcohol for grinder cleaning

If you have an all-metal grinder that is not freezer safe, you can use isopropyl alcohol for a deep clean. This is how you want to clean a weed grinder. You will want to disassemble your grinder and place all of the parts in a Ziploc bag or covered container with enough isopropyl alcohol to cover the grinder. You should only have to soak it until the liquid turns a muddy color and most particles seem to have come loose. If you have a higher percentage of isopropyl alcohol, you won’t have to soak as long. 

How to Clean a Grinder and Save Kief With Isopropyl Alcohol

Want to know how to clean a grinder and save kief using iso alcohol? 

This method of cleaning your grinder is also a great way to save kief and turn it into hash. You will want to soak each piece of your grinder individually and allow the iso to completely dissolve the kief. 

Then you want to transfer the iso alcohol into a pyrex dish and let it completely evaporate. You now have hash, so scrape it up and top off a freshly packed bowl. 

This is not how to clean a grinder if you are using a plastic or acrylic grinder. 

Cleaning Grinders That are Acrylic or Plastic

Acrylic and other plastic materials can be dissolved or damaged by isopropyl alcohol, so for these grinders or metal grinders with an acrylic window in the top, do not use the isopropyl method

In just three easy steps you can use warm water and soap to get a clean grinder.

dish soap for cleaning grinder

Step 1: How to Clean a Herb Grinder that is Acrylic or Plastic

First thing you will want to do is take your grinder apart, and have it ready to be scrubbed down. Have your warm water ready to go.

Step 2: Add Dish Soap to a Rag or Toothbrush When Cleaning Your Grinder

Simply soak your acrylic grinder in warm water for a few minutes. Then, scrub lightly with dish soap to remove any debris and buildup. 

Step 3: Clean Grinder Off by Rinsing With Water

Rinse thoroughly once complete and then dry. Voila! You will have an exceptionally clean grinder. 

Do not use this method for metal grinders, as they may rust.

How to Clean a Grinder by  Boiling Your Grinder

Cleaning Grinders by boiling them is one of the most common methods for fixing a stuck grinder. Go ahead and start boiling your grinder for five to ten minutes. After it is done boiling, you will want to use a paper towel to clean between the nooks and grooves. Even a q-tip will work for a deeper clean.

To Save Kief Put Grinder in the Freezer First

You will want to save as much kief as possible, so before boiling grinder be sure to freeze it first. If you are boiling your grinder, you are losing the potency of the kief, especially if you are attempting to save it. So putting the grinder in the freezer before hand is very important.

How to Clean a Herb Grinder and Make THC Milk

If you are wanting to be adventurous, try boiling your grinder in milk. Keep in mind you will lose some potency from boiling. 

This is actually a way to make THC infused milk, and is a sure way of not wasting any kief at all. When you are boiling the milk, make sure not to boil it too much, as it will evaporate faster than water. This will leave you with a stuck grinder that is too sticky to even use. You will want to make sure your milk is mildly boiling, only letting your boiling grinder sit for about 15-20 minutes. You will want to keep an eye on it to make sure the boiling does not get too intense. 

clean herb saver grinder

I Hope You’ve Gained Valuable Information on How to Clean a Grinder

With so many different types of grinders out there, you may often wonder which way is best for cleaning your grinder. I hope I have shed some light for you on learning how to obtain a clean grinder as well as how to clean a grinder and save kief while doing so. 

The methods and tips have been used by many other stoners who have been cleaning grinders for years, and have learned the best ways on how to clean your weed grinder.   

So whether you are boiling your grinder, washing with soap and water, putting your grinder in a freezer, or using isopropyl alcohol when cleaning your grinder. There is a method that will work for you.  

clean plastic grinders
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Thanks much! Hope it works


Quick question. Does this effect the magnet at all? I ask because I literally washed an old grinder with tap water and Dawn and the cap lost magnetization. I don’t know if there’s an ingredient in the soap or maybe too much iron in the tap water and that’s why this happened but I’m hesitant to do anything to my nice new Kozo grinder.


Was looking around the internet to get the best and most effective way to clean my grinder , DHC didn’t disappoint. This thing feels like I just bought it . 👍


Thank you for this article. My grinder had never been cleaned and was getting “sticky”. It’s like new now and working smoothly.


The metal grinder cleaning method worked fine however I tried the plastic grinder in boiling water and all the parts are destroyed 😂


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