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How To: Low Temp Dab

How To: Low Temp Dab

By now you may have heard of “low temp dabbing,” and how it’s supposed to be the bee’s knees when it comes to smoking legal concentrates. But is it really so much better than the high temp dabs we’re used to taking? Let’s find out.

How to Low Temp Dab Lets Get Learning

What’s the Diff?

Most people are used to high temp dabs, which happens when the nail reaches scorching hot temperatures of 600 to 900oF. While we usually try to heat up our nails or bangers as hot as possible to vaporize the legal concentrate immediately, this actually results in a shorter, harsher hit. It even puts more (and unnecessary) stress on the nail and torch. But many of us didn’t know there was another way to do things. Enter low temp dabs.

How To Low Temp Dab

Low temp dabbing occurs at far lower temperatures, usually around 350 to 450oF. Contrary to the strong, quick rips from traditional high temp dabs, low temp dabs produce a smoother, more flavorful pull, which is better on the lungs...and the tastebuds! Now, it may leave a little concentrate behind. But that’s what carb caps are for!

How To Do It

So this part can get a little tricky. Unless you’re working with an e-nail, it takes some practice to find that low-temp sweet spot. We suggest starting by torching your nail or banger until it’s red hot, and then letting it cool about 10-20 seconds before taking a dab.

How To Low Temp Dab Vector Drone Torch

Make sure it’s hot enough to vaporize the legal concentrate you’re using, but not so hot that it behaves like a normal dab and leaves a dark residue behind. Depending on the material and thickness of your nail you may have to adjust the brief cooling period and take a couple of test dabs to get it right. Eh, there are worse things! 

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If you don’t want to chance it, we suggest investing in an e-nail. They’re much more expensive than torches, so you may want to go the standard torch route if you’re ballin’ on a budget. But they do deliver precise results, letting you achieve the exact temperature you want with no trial and error. More money, less hassle.

How To Low Temp Dab E Nail

So, if you haven’t already tried low temp dabbing, it’s time to get to work. If it’s already you’re preferred dabbing method, then brava friend! Drop some comments below and let us know any low-temp tips you have that we can share with the masses!

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Just learned about dab. Only tried 3 times. Want to learn more!


Sounds like a plan, pretty much the same thing I have heard about Low Temp Dabs. I prefer them myself. I heat for 30-45 seconds, then count to 20-25, and hit it. Works great, but yes to have to experiment with your nail. Cheers.

Tom Aiello

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