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Pipe Vs Bong - Which Is the Best for You?

Pipe Vs. Bong Round 1!

There's so much to decide when you're betting on who's going to win the match between pipe vs bong.

Deciphering the two might appear easy. However, in certain instances, a pipe can use water and be considered a water pipe and a bong can be considered a dry bong, using no water. And then you throw bubblers in the mix and you're lookin' in the mirror like, "Who Am I?"

bubbler vs bong

We totally get your frustration! Continue reading because we're going to help you understand the many differences of bong vs bubbler, bubblers vs pipes, and bongs vs pipes.

Initially, you would think a bong can't be a dry bong, and a water pipe can't be used on-the-go but when you get into the specifics, this isn't always true.

In this article, we're going to break down all the pros and cons of each type of bong and pipe and tell you just who's going to win the pipe vs bong fight!

Okay, first things first, let's identify what makes a bong, a bong, and what makes a pipe, a pipe. And just what the hell is going on with this dry bong and water pipe conspiracy.

Bong or Pipe - 4 Things You Need to Know

bong or pipe

You're probably here because the struggle is real when it comes to, not only choosing, but even recognizing the differences between a bong or pipe. There's the great debate that says a bong can actually be dry and a pipe can hold water.

For the purpose of this blog, we will lay the foundation down so you understand all the terminology when it comes to bongs and pipes. That way you can make the best decision for you. Read below to understand all the different variations of a bong and pipe and all the distinct advantages and disadvantages of each.

1. Drypipe - What is it?

dry pipeDry pipes are mostly on the smaller side and handheld. They are portable and used for the daily smoker that enjoys a good toke on-the-go. Simple in nature, dry pipes can be a multitude of different shapes, but typically feature a tube design with a bowl at one end and a hole to inhale smoke through on the other.

2. Dry Bong

dry bong

To help you to understand what a dry bong is, a dry bong is a bong used without water. This is not recommended. It is a very harsh hit! If you have no access of water, while in Jordan or something, then hit the bong dry. Otherwise, add water, as recommended.

Simply put, a bong is considered a dry bong when there is no water in it.

3. What is a Water Pipe?

what is a water pipe

How does a water pipe work? A water pipe is essentially a bong. Water pipes are any smoking device that uses water as a filtration system by drawing smoke through the water to cool it.

If you've ever heard of any of these terms, bongs, bubblers, gravity bongs, pipes bong, water pipes for weed or tobacco, clay bong, water tobacco pipe, liquid filled glass pipes, or water hand pipe, then you've heard of a water pipe! So now you can go let all your friends know that you got the facts and can clarify.

4. Difference Between Bong and Bubbler

difference between bong and bubbler

A bubbler is between a drypipe and bong. The biggest difference is in appearance. A bubbler is generally smaller and typically resembles a hand pipe in appearance, bowl size, and portability. Bubblers, compared to bongs, typically have a fixed downstem that you cannot remove to clean. Most bongs are easier to clean because of the removable downstem. Browse through a variety of our bongs and bubblers.

The hit offered is still smoother which makes its function similar to a bong. You can’t go wrong with either a bong or bubbler when you’re referring to a refreshing hit. They both offer smooth rips. So, its really going to come down to just visual preference.

Now it's time to make the call, which is the best weed smoking device?

Best Weed Smoking Device

Now that you have a very clear understanding of each of your options, the one thing left to do is decide which one you think is best for you.

Will it be the bong vs bubbler? Maybe bubblers vs pipes? Or possibly even bongs vs pipes. You may even get a little crazy and pick one of each!

You be the judge: Which is best for you?

1. Bubbler Vs Bong

You must ask yourself, "Am I smoking at home, or in public?" Your biggest determining factor for which of these you will choose is mainly to do with how discreet you want to be.

A bong is generally to be used in the comfort of your own home so you are free of judgement from others. Additionally, bongs are a wee bit more fragile, so if not used at home there's more risk of breaking. A bubbler is generally smaller, therefore a tad bit more discreet. Plus, you look dope walking through the street lookin' like Sherlock Holmes.

The filtration of each is going to be similar because they both are water pipes, using water as a filtration system. However, the larger the piece, the more space the smoke has to travel, the cooler your hit will be. Even cooler still, if the piece is large enough to add a few ice cubes to!

2. Bubblers Vs Pipes

Now you've got a situation on your hands. Bubblers and pipes are discreet, so which one do you choose?

It's true bubblers are discreet, to an extent, especially when compared to bongs. However, the name bubbler comes from the sheer fact that the glass piece bubbles, and makes bubbling noises, when you draw in smoke on an inhale.

Again, if you care about being judged by others in public, maybe go with a dry pipe. A dry pipe, or pipe, is the smallest, most discreet (especially one hitters) smoking device you can choose. The only downside here is going to be a little bit more of a harsher hit since there's no water for filtration.

3. Bongs Vs Pipes

If you are wanting the option for a larger bowl size, are generally only smoking at home, and you prefer a smoother, cooler hit, definitely go with a bong.

If you are more of a on-the-go smoker, you don't mind a little bit of a harsher hit, and you get your fix from a decent size but not too large bowl, choose your pipe now!


After reading this, you should have gained a better knowledge and clarity of what the hell all this dry bong, water pipe nonsense is. You should be able to make the decision for yourself one which one you will choose.

Or, you might just say F it, and pick one of each! Either way, you are now the expert!
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A water pipe/bong is always better. Dry pipes are harsh and burn your throat. But they serve a purpose when needed. But not for a daily everyday thing. At least IMO.


😂 I see 6yr, 8yr even 10yr. “smokin”.
Dooooods! ! I been “smokin” for over 40yr!!LoL
Anyway I truly ❤️ reading all your thoughts🤙
PS: I was there when the word “dude” was invented. Prior to that it was “Man”
Hey Man!


Old school dry pipes on the go and water bongs at home!


I’ve been smoking for almost eight years now and in my honest opinion bongs edge out hand pipes, but just by a little bit. If you’re attentive there should be no reason you smoke more from the bong. Personally I load one bowl my bong and I’m good for several hours.


I love water bongs because you can put ice water in the chamber for an icy smooth toke and I just love the bubbling sound


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