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How To: Instantly Understand Smoker Slang

How To: Instantly Understand Smoker Slang

Having a difficult time keeping up with the dialogue in your smoke sesh? With the popularity of this hobby rapidly growing and transcending diverse groups of people, it’s important to be able to communicate effectively with all of your new smoker sidekicks. Scroll through this list of common smoker terms and phrases to become a smooth-talking, smoking pro!

How To Understand Smoker Slang Quartz Banger

Banger: Used for dabs, this is a small, circular-shaped dish that attaches to a dab rig and heated to extremely high temperatures, vaporizing legal concentrates. Bangers are often made from high quality quartz, but may be made of titanium, as well.

Beat: If a smoking device is “beat”, it means that its contents have been completely smoked. It is time to re-pack that bowl and light it up.

Blunt: A blunt refers to when tobacco or legal herbs are rolled into a thick blunt wrap or cigar roll, as opposed to a joint which is rolled in thinner, smaller papers.

Bogart: If someone says your bogarting the bong or roll, pass it! This means you’re hogging the smoke.

Bong: A bong is a water pipe, commonly made of glass or acrylic. It has a space designated for legal herbs or tobacco, and another space designated to pour in water and place your mouth to smoke.

Bowl: A bowl is usually just a dry pipe. It’s typically much simpler than a bong or rig, with a small carb and a hole on either end for inhaling. A bowl piece, however, generally refers to the fixture on a bong in which you put the tobacco.

DHC How To Understand Smoker Slang Bubbler

Bubbler: Bubblers are bongs or dab rigs that are smaller in size than your usual home glass. They’re easier to travel with and easier to hold and manage.

Carb: The hole on a dry pipe that you place your finger over in order to regulate the amount of smoke inhaled. You release your finger from the carb after taking your initial hit to clear the remaining smoke out of the piece. You can also use carb caps to emulate flow regulation with dab rigs.

Cashed/Kicked: Similar to “beat,” this term means that the bowl has all turned to ash and there is nothing left to smoke. Time to repack!

Cherried: If your bowl or roll is cherried, then you don’t need to relight because it’s still lit and glowing red.

Cotton Mouth: Anytime you’re smoking and your mouth dries up like the Sahara desert, you’re probably experiencing cottonmouth. A quick sip of water or sucking on a Jolly Rancher while smoking can easily remedy this situation.

Dab: Dabs are legal concentrates that you vaporize and smoke using a torch and dab rig. Dabs are way more potent than legal herbs, so be sure to go easy.

Dank: Use this word when referring to tobacco or legal herbs of supreme quality.

Dome: A dome is the glass piece of a dab rig that fits over the joint where the nail sits, making it possible to contain and inhale the vapor produced.

DHC How To Understand Smoker Slang Dugout

Dugout/One-Hitter: A dugout is a popular on-the-go container that typically has two compartments, one for a small one-hitter (pipe or bat), and another larger compartment to store your tobacco.

Mids: The opposite of dank, mids refer to lower-quality tobacco that’s not quite up to snuff.

Nail: Another term paired with dab rigs, nails are a metal, quartz or ceramic device that is heated with a torch and then topped with legal concentrates. The extreme heat retention of nails is what causes the substance to vaporize for you to inhale.

Oven: An oven is the part of a vape pen in which you put tobacco.

Perc: A perc, or percolator, is the part of a bong or dab rig that provides cooling and diffusion, making smoke feel less harsh on the throat and lungs. To see popular percolator types, click here!

DHC How To Understand Smoker Slang Pre-Roll

Pre-roll: Pre-rolls are exactly what they sound like! These smoking devices are simply papers that come pre-rolled so you can avoid sloppy hand-rolls or messy fingers. Cones are an exceedingly popular term for pre-rolls.

Rig: Essentially the same as a bong, dab rigs are just water pipes that are used for legal concentrates instead of tobacco or legal herbs.

Roach: A roach is that end of a roll that is so small you can hardly hold it. Eliminate the fear of burned fingertips and hold that roach in style with our timeless 14k gold DHC Roach Smoking Clip!

DHC How To Understand Smoker Slang Smojo Screen

Screen: A screen is a device commonly placed in a bowl piece or within a dry pipe to prevent pieces of tobacco from getting sucked into inner chamber(s) of the glass. Screens are usually made out of mesh or glass, but the evolutionary Smojo Screen is our new fave go-to.

Shotgun: Quite different from the beer-related term, shotgunning is just the act of exhaling smoke into the mouth of another person. Fun fact: the phrase actually originates from soldiers during the Vietnam war! Troops would empty the bullet chamber and instead load in a lit bowl pack. They would then pass the gun around inhaling through the barrel while one soldier would blow through the magazine sending the smoke into the faces of the rest of the squadron.

Sploof: An easy and affordable way to prevent your car or room from smelling like smoke, sploofs are devices made from stuffing dryer sheets into toilet paper rolls, or wrapping dryer sheets over the end and then securing with a rubber band, that mask smoking smells when you exhale through them.


Weed Torch Lighter

Torch: Unlike conventional lighters, torches are powered by butane and used to heat nails to extremely high temperatures for vaporizing concentrates.

Vape: Vaping is a popular alternative to traditional smoking, as it vaporizes tobacco or legal concentrates instead of using combustion. Vape pens are a preferred method for those who have breathing conditions or who want a smoother smoking experience.

DHC How To Understand Vape Vocab Blog

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