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Top 6 Rolling Papers for 2019

Top 6 Rolling Papers for 2019

If you’re asking yourself what papers to buy next, there’s no need. We’ve got you covered with our fave papers as of late, and ones you should definitely scoop up for the next smoking sesh!. Take a gander at this brief guide and complete that shopping list!

Juicy Jay Flavored Papers

Top 8 Rolling Papers 2019 Juicy Jay Flavored

We used Juicy Jay flavored papers quite a bit in 2018, but for good reason! You can really treat yourself to quite delicious, satisfying smoke every time you take a drag. Each leaf is a regular size 80mm-long/60mm-across size, making it ideal for beginners and veterans alike. Available in Sticky Candy or Watermelon flavor.


RAW War On Hate Papers

Top 8 Rolling Papers 2019 Juicy Jay Flavored

RAW WAR on Hate papers are flipping the script on the lazy smoker stereotype. The same as your classic RAW papers except 100% of the net profits of these awesome skins are donated to anti-bullying charities! With so much to love, why not roll up two? 


Elements 1 ¼ Papers

Top 8 Rolling Papers 2019 Elements

All-natural and made from rice and sugar, these slow burning papers are a classic! Elements rice papers burn with almost no ash, except the sugar gum turning to caramel, which makes these papers even sweeter!


RAW Masterpiece

Top 8 Rolling Papers 2019 RAW Masterpiece

RAW Masterpiece™ is one of our personal favorites. Each Masterpiece pack includes RAW unrefined papers, RAW unrefined tips, and a unique outer sleeve with an all-natural, handy-dandy rubber band to keep the pack closed. Plus, each package is printed on eco-craft paper using a Japanese thermography process. So what the heck are you waiting for?! Get your hands on these bad boys ASAP.


Trip Clear Papers

Top 8 Rolling Papers 2019 Trip2

Made from Asiatic Cotton Mellow, these bad boys are 100% tree-free. They’re also 100% see-through and have no gum, so you’re getting all smoke and zero nonsense. Simply stick them together and you’re ready to roll!


Pre-Rolled Juicy Jay Cones

Top 8 Rolling Papers 2019 Juicy Jay Cones

Don’t feel like rolling? We’ve got you covered. Just pack one of super tasty, Juicy Jay pre-rolled cones full as you’d like and light up! The wood tip is reusable, so you can roll again and again. Get a randomly selected 3-pack through the store.


Elements King Size Papers

Top 8 Rolling Papers 2019 Elements King Size

Just like the classic elements rolling papers but with a twist. These extra long papers hold more product, but also may make rolling up a bit easier for someone with larger hands. Just like  traditional Elements papers, the king size version are all natural and made from rice paper with sugar gum to seal. Elements are made with the earth in mind so these clean burning papers leave almost no ash.



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