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How To: Clean Your Bong

How To: Clean Your Bong

DHC How To Clean Your Bong

Walk through this guide to find out the many ways to clean your bong! From traditional methods to new innovative products, DHC has got your back with this comprehensive how-to.

Isopropyl Alcohol

DHC How To Clean Your Bong Isopropyl Alcohol
Cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and salt is the veteran method for cleaning bongs, rigs, pipes...even grinders! Pick up a bottle of isopropyl alcohol at your local pharmacy or super store, and get a coarse salt like epsom. Depending on the size of your bong, put the whole piece in a plastic freezer bag, or place plastic around the pipe and pick a few places to tie off with rubber bands to keep everything contained. For a big bong, it may be best to put one gallon bag over one end and another over the opposite end, with a rubber band at the top of each to keep the liquid contained since you won’t be able to seal the bags the traditional way.
DHC How to Clean Your Bong Epsom Salt
Pour in enough iso alcohol to cover the pipe and then a few shakes of salt (in one bag, rubber band, and then the other bag for large bongs). Shake and leave as long as necessary, usually overnight or until the liquid gets murky and there are pieces of broken up gunk floating around. Over a sink or bathtub, carefully take off the plastic and drain, and then clean out thoroughly with water.
**For percs or other intricate add-ons, a finer salt may suffice for cleaning and each individual piece can fit in its own bag.
DHC How To Clean Your Bong ResolutionColo Caps
There are also bong caps available from ResolutionColo that cover the top and bottom joint hole so you can pour the iso alc and salt right in the pipe, which may make things easier than the plastic/rubber band combo.

Formula 420

DHC How To Clean Your Bong Formula 420
This concentrated solution also contains alcohol and salt, but has a nice scent to accompany the cleaning process instead of a straight-up rubbing alcohol smell. The big kicker with this method is that it takes hardly any time at all for an effective clean. Since it’s a concentrated formula, add the recommended amount of water to the solution and pour in your bong (with openings sealed). Then just shake, rinse and voila!
DHC How To Clean Your Bong Formula 420 Acrylic
For those with an acrylic or plastic bong, cleaning is a real pain. The only real solution is dish soap and hot water, but it doesn’t seem to do as much as glass bong cleaners. If you fall into the non-glass category, check out Formula 420 Plastic and Acrylic cleaner. It’s the only thing we’ve really seen that’s safe to use on these kinds of bongs, so it’s worth a try!
DHC How To Clean Your Bong No Alcohol Methods
Now, some smokers are gradually moving away from the traditional alcohol and salt method out of a growing concern that it could have negative effects in the long-run if not cleaned out properly after. Below are some of the new products out that you can use instead!


DHC How To Clean Your Bong ResRemover
This non-toxic powder is super simple and easy to use. Derived from plants, the ResRemover formula is made up of natural ingredients that let you clean without solvents or salts that may be hard to flush after cleaning or harmful to inhale. It’s also reusable and comes in a resealable pouch, allowing you to clean bowls or small pieces directly in the bag!
DHC How To Clean Your Bong ResRemover
To use, just add hot water to the fill line and either drop your pipe in the soapy water or pour the mixture in your bong with the ends capped or sealed. Let soak overnight and then rinse under hot water for a sparkly, good-as-new bong!
PRO TIP: Each August DHC subscription box comes with a full pouch of ResRemover!

Grunge Off

DHC How To Clean Your Bong Grunge Off
Another easy to use product is Grunge Off. It’s biodegradable, non-toxic and earth-friendly, and quickly cuts through build-up for big results in a small amount of time. Just grab your bong and a bottle of Grunge Off and pour the non-abrasive solution right in. Keep the ends of your bong capped and let this product do its thing. No scrubbing or gritty elements are necessary, so this cleaning method is easy on your pipes while remaining ruthless to resin and grunge. Once your bong has soaked for an hour - yes, only an hour - pour the reusable liquid back into the Grunge Off bottle for safe-keeping. A real time and money saver! Rinse off your glass with warm water and let her rip.


DHC How To Clean Your Bong ResolutionColo
Along with being the go-to for caps used for cleaning, Resolution has garnered a lot of attention with it’s non-toxic gel formula for bongs. The solution is natural and clay-based, free of abrasive salts and harmful compounds. First, shake your resealable bag of Resolution cleaner, cut the top and pop in your bowl pieces. Then, use the screw top spout to pour Res Gel directly into your bong or rig. Let sit for about 20 minutes while the gel travels through the pipe, coating the inside surfaces. Do the usual warm water rinse and enjoy!
DHC How To Clean Your Bong


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