DHC How To: Smoker Hacks

DHC How To: Smoker Hacks

How To: Smoker Hacks

DHC How To Smoker Hacks
For your next smoking sesh, try out these true-blue smoker hacks in Daily High Club’s latest how-to guide!

Dab on Some Honey

DHC How To Smoker Hacks Honey
If you prefer papers, grab some honey before your next roll. To prevent wraps from burning too quickly, dab on a little bit of honey and smooth it over your roll for a slower and more even burn. Sweet and simple!

Suck it!

DHC How To Smoker Hacks Hard Candy
Self-control and smoking don’t always go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to chowing down after a session. Instead of becoming a slave to the munchies, try sucking on a Jolly Rancher or your hard candy of choice. Pro Tip: keeping a candy or mint tucked in your cheek while smoking is not only delicious, but it can also keep the juices flowing and combat annoying cottonmouth!

Up-cycle Your CD's

DHC How To Smoker Hacks CDs
If you thought your CD's have become obsolete, think again! Besides cultivating mass nostalgia, CD's are awesome for packing bowls. Put the disc over your bowl and use the center hole to keep tobacco from missing its target.

Slay Spills with a Sock & Vacuum

DHC How To Smoker Hacks Sock and Vacuum
There is no greater bummer than knocking over your grinder and making a monster mess on your floor. Even worse if it’s over carpet - ugh! Instead of palming your forehead and muttering expletives under your breath (or shouting them out), grab your vacuum and a clean sock. Put a sock over the end of your dustbuster or the hose of your full-sized vac to use as a filter as you suck up the spill. This collects all tobacco on your sock, which you can remove over a table or your grinder. Problem solved!

Bust Out the Bobby Pins

DHC How To Smoker Hacks Bobby Pin
Bobby pins aren’t just for keeping your hair back! When you’re down to the end of your roll and your fingers are getting a little toasty, use this easy roach clip alternative. Slide that sucker right in and smoke away.
These ingenious devices are also super useful for unclogging bowls and pipes. To clean out your pipe, you may have to straighten out the pin, using its length, grooves and slight bend to really get in there. Mad cheap and crazy effective, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t used them before!

Roll with the Frisbee Fix

DHC How To Smoker Hacks Frisbee
If you don’t have a mat or DHC’s rolling kit, whip out the ol’ frisbee. The curved up edge makes rolling a breeze and prevents any stray debris from escaping.

Make Use of Matches

DHC How To Smoker Hacks Matches
Just like with certain bathroom situations, matches are invaluable when it comes to eliminating smells. When trying to air out a room or car quickly, light a couple matches to mask the musk.

Adopt the Pill Bottle/Penny Grinder

DHC How To Smoker Hacks Penny Pill Bottle Grinder
If you lost your grinder, or if it’s currently in the cleaning process and you just can’t wait, search for a spare pill bottle and a penny. Clean the penny with iso or rubbing alcohol first because money is gross. Then put your tobacco and penny in an empty pill bottle and shake away. Pop the top and...ta-da! DIY grinder perfection.

Be Prepared

DHC How To Smoker Hacks Be Prepared
Lastly, but most importantly, be prepared! Before you smoke, have all the necessities handy. Queue up the Spotify playlist or your Netflix pick, have your treats within reach and create the optimal lounge spot. Set the ambiance and let her rip.
DHC How To Smoker Hacks Be Prepared

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