Valiant Bent Neck Water Pipe Mini Side View
Valiant Bent Neck Water Pipe Mini Front View
Valiant Bent Neck Water Pipe Mini Rear View
Valiant Bent Neck Water Pipe Mini Rear View

Bent Neck Water Pipe Mini


Small enough to stay portable, but a great size for stay-at-home sessions, this rig sits 6”/15.24cm tall. It’s made from handblown, borosilicate glass which is the most common material used for smoking accessories. Ditching the need for a removeable downstem, this piece goes stemless, with diffusion slits inside the chamber. This makes your hit even smoother, as the slits break up the smoke and in turn cools it. Equipped with a 14mm glass-on-glass quartz banger this water pipe is ready to rock. With an ergonomic bent neck and a clear chamber, watching your smoke brew has never been easier. The mouthpiece and small dot on the back are a fun, matching teal colour to add that pop of personality. 
Pro tip: Low temp dabs produce better flavour and make your supply stretch
Keep it clean by removing water and using 99% alcohol (or the even cooler Illcohol) along with some course salt (epsom or sea). Other safe cleaning solutions are also available. Shake solution until resin is removed off the inside and then use a warm, soapy water rinse and allow to dry before next use. Bangers can be submerged in the same solution and then cleared out with a pipe cleaner before rinsing and letting dry.