The Puffco Peak - Vision
The Puffco Peak - Vision
The Puffco Peak - Vision
The Puffco Peak - Vision

The Puffco Peak - Vision


Product add-ons

The Vision Lightning Peak dab rig is inspired by what comes out of looking inside yourself.

This dab rig device features a silicone base with a prismatic gradient, iridescent metal band, colored glass inner-cone and straw, and a purple carb to complete the look. With a bullt-in percolator, this piece ensures for smooth lasting hits from your rig.

Included is a thick-walled 45 degree fully quartz banger that allows for excellent heat retention and original flavor. This retractable dab nail is a 14mm, female banger to use for all your DHC favorites!

This versatile glass water pipe, works for both a water bong and dab rig. To use as a bong, simply switch out your nail for your flower bowl.


Size: 7” high x 2.75” base

Material: Borosilicate Glass


- Branded

- High Heat Retention

- Premium Quality

- Female Joint

- Portable

- Two-hole Percolator

- Ergonomic Design

- Hand-blown borosilicate glass

- Water filtration

- 4 unique user heat settings

- 20 sec average heat up time

- Intelligent temperature calibration

- Sesh-Mode Functionality

- 7” high x 2.75” base

- 2 hour fast charge time

- 30 dab average battery life

- Removable ceramic bowl

What's Included With Box?

-Accented Mini Dab Rig

-14mm Female Quartz Banger (45 degree)