SeshGear VEGA Dry Herb Vaporizer

$159.95 Regular price $189.00

This stealthy 2-in1 vaporizer from SeshGear is a convection-style vaporizer designed to help you get the most out of your dry herbs. The 4-inch SeshGear Vega vape is powered by a robust 4400 mAh battery. This draw-activated vape heats your dry herb to just the right temperature.

You'll get more mileage from the material you vape with the Vega which means you stash will last longer. Plus, you'll get more taste and nice vapor clouds. This vaporizer uses true convection heating and allows you to dial in the temperature you want.

The compact & pocket-friendly Vega vaporizer heats up fast, offers haptic feedback and an adjustable operation time from 3 to 7 minutes. It's a user-friendly vape that's got everything you need to take your dry herb vaping to the next level of awesomeness.

The SeshGear Vega has a stainless steel air path to ensure you get clean, smooth hits. It also has a removable titanium chamber with a magnetic closure.

    • 6 Month Manufacturer Limited Warranty
    • Adjustable operation time
    • Digital controls & display
    • Digital Temperature Display
    • Haptic Vibration Technology
    • Made for Dry Herbs
    • Magnetic Closure
    • Precision Temperature Control
    • Price Match
    • Removable titanium chamber
    • Stainless steel air path
    • Vaporizer