September 2018 "Chanel West Coast" Smoking Subscription Box


Product add-ons

Daily High Club partnered with Chanel West Coast of Ridiculousness to bring you some epic smoking supplies in celebration of her birthday and upcoming song release. Be sure to check it out next time you light up!

This box includes:

  • 14mm FemaleCWC Bong/Rig
  • Custom CWCxDHC Silicone Ashtray
  • Juicy Jays Super Fine Sticky Candy 1
  • Juicy Jays Strawberry Fields Hemp Wrap
  • CWC x DHC Windproof Torch Lighter and LED mini-flashlight
  • Custom CWC x DHC Smoke Ring
  • The Original Cones 3-Pack King Size Cones
  • DHC Sticker Set

*Accessories may differ in style from what is pictured, but the equal value is guaranteed*