Octopus Bong
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awesome bong
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Octopus Bong


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Dive deep into your next sesh with this heady Octopus Bong.Crafted from beautiful fritted sea colored glass, this piece comes equipped with a multi slit showerhead percolator, full color sculpted joint, as well as a gorgeous accented 14mm male slide. The Octopus Bong is the perfect combination of form and function - Shred bowls effortlessly and also impress your artsy friends with this absolutely stunning piece of glass!


  • Height: 7''
  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Perc: Multi Slit Showerhead


  • Tattoo Glass
  • Multi Slit Showerhead
  • Reinforced Joint


  • Tattoo Branded 14mm Male Flower Bowl