November 2019 "Thanksgiving Turkey" Smoking Subscription Box


Product add-ons

**BOXES WILL BEGIN SHIPPING NOVEMBER 14TH** A yearly tradition of family get togethers and smoke sessions for friends new and old. Give thanks this year with the Daily High Club Danks-Giving box. Whether you're seshing with the family or catching up with friends or even smoking solo, were proud to bring you a box you'll be thankful for! Whether you missed out on our El Primo subscription or are looking for the perfect gift - The Thanksgiving box highlighted by our baked to golden brown perfection turkey bong is the ultimate hook-up.

This box includes:

  • 14 mm Female Baked Turkey Rig / Bong
  • 14mm Premium Glass Bowl
  • Daily High Club x PAQ Case "Duo" TV Remote Pre-Roll Holder
  • Daily High Club Custom Thanksgiving Clipper Lighter
  • Daily High Club Custom Dinner Plate Bong Mat
  • Juicy Jay's 1 ¼ Wide Maple Syrup Flavored Rolling Papers
  • True Hemp 2 Pack Organic Hemp Blunt Wraps
  • The Original Cones™ 3 Pack King Size Pre-Rolled Cones
  • Wiz Khalifa Rolling Tips by RAW
  • Daily High Club Thanksgiving Sticker Set