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MJ Arsenal "Hydra" Mini Rig Vape Edition


Product add-ons

The Hydra is the first purpose-built concentrate Mini Rig from MJA. The Hydra is a Klein recycler.

Named after the ancient, mythical beast, this ultra-compact, highly functional Klein recycler tames hot vapors with a cyclone of cool water. This rig also features wide study base and a rear-mounted side-pipe to prevent spills or leaks.

The uniquely placed perc arm paves the way for the most spill-resistant bubbler to date! Make harsh smoke a myth with the triple hole perc!

Included is a thick-walled 45 degree fully quartz banger that allows for excellent heat retention and original flavor. This retractable dab nail is a 14mm, male banger to use for all your DHC favorites!

This versatile glass water pipe, works for both a water bong and dab rig. To use as a bong, simply switch out your nail for your flower bowl.


Height: 4''

Material: Borosilicate Glass

- 10mm Male Quartz Banger??

- Male 90 degree Nail


- Branded

- High Heat Retention

- Premium Quality

- 90 Degree Joint

- Female Joint

- Portable

-Integrated Triple-Hole Percolator

- Ergonomic Design

- Spill Resistant

- Recycler Function

What's Included With Box?

-Accented Mini Dab Rig

-10mm Male Quartz Banger (90 degree)