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DHC Crystal Clear Bong

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Take a hit from this classic clear bong! This transparent bong has an ice pinch as well as a diffused downstem to create major cooling for every rip.

A Clear Glass Bong for the Classics

No designs, no shapes, just the pure retro classic transparent bong! Built with thermal heat resistant borosilicate glass, sometimes you want a no-fuss lil bong that gets the job done!

A Transparent Bong with Ice Smooth Hits

Watch that beautiful smoke build up in your water chamber and travel through the ice-pinch as your clear beaker bong delivers an ultra smooth hit. No need for designs when the function of this clear bong its self is the art.

Clear Bong Features

  • Height: 10"
  • Hand Blown in the USA
  • Joint: 18mm/14mm reduced downstem
  • Includes: 14mm premium flower bowl (styles may vary)