January 2019 "Dizzle Puffs Wake and Bake" Smoking Subscription Box


Product add-ons

Ring in the new year right with Macdizzle, Koala puffs, and Daily High Club! We've got you covered for your 2019 smoking supplies. Whether you missed out on our El Primo subscription or are looking for the perfect gift for yourself or someone else this is a perfect way to kick off the new year! - This Macdizzle box features our epic cereal box dab rig with flower bowl and comes with a matching bong mat + many other extras valued at over $100 altogether. Get yours and savor those sweet DizzlePuffs today!

This box includes:

  • Dizzle Puffs Juice Box Dab Rig
  • 14mm Premium Quartz Banger
  • 14mm Glass Flower Bowl
  • Olive Dab Tool/ Carb Cap Combo
  • Flavored Rolling Papers
  • Mini Clipper Lighter
  • Hemp Wraps
  • Cereal Bowl Bong Mat
  • DHC Sticker Set