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High Rise Bong


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The #1 Gravity/Water Hybrid Bong

Made for the smokers who know what they’re doing.
The patented lung action draws smoke efficiently and quickly

With zero wasted product or lost smoke, the HighRise lung design pushes smoke out giving you the entire hit while controlling its delivery.

How It Works

Light the bowl while lifting the draw tube. The smoke is pulled into the valve and up through the ice and water. When the draw tube is filled with smoke, remove the whip and push down while inhaling.

Fill your water higher than the bowl

Our patented 1-way valve gives you colder, smoother hits than you’ve ever experienced.

Filtering through this much ice and water means one pull on the HighRise feels like a hit a fraction of the size, yet more potent than any single hit from any other bong on the market.

The HighRise is composed of the highest quality materials. The glass is 5mm thick borosilicate and all non-glass pieces are made of custom molded medical grade silicone.