Crystal Quartz Terp Pearls


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DHC's Crystal Quartz Terp Pearls are perfect for optimizing your dabbing experience. You get two crystal quartz terp pearls per order!

What Are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls, also referred to as dab pearls, quartz balls, or dab balls, are small glass terp balls that can be added to the quartz banger to spin around and improve the vaporization of concentrates. Terpenes vaporize at lower temps and since dab pearls also vaporize concentrates at lower temps, this helps preserve terpenes and improving the overall flavor profile of your hits.

These dab pearls work by spinning your oil around to find the hot surface, and by adding surface area into your banger for a fatter rip. Oh did we mention they glow in the dark!

Using Your Dab Pearls Correctly

Using terp pearls are super easy because they do the work for you:

  • Drop your dab pearls in the banger before you start your heating process to ensure they come up to temperature with your nail.
  • Load in your desired concentrate, throw in your directional flow carb cap, inhale, and watch the quartz balls spin in motion.

Benefits of Dab Ball:

There are so many benefits of using dab balls, here are some reasons we love them:

  • Dab balls allow for optimal airflow
  • A dab ball can help preserve terpenes
  • Quartz balls can enhance flavor profile

What's Included in Your Terp Pearls Order?

  • Crystal Quartz Balls

  • 2 Terp Pearls Per Order