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Geo Swiss Tower Dab Rig

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Get ready for smooth rips! This banger hanger style bong is insanely intricate! The joint is positioned at the front to catch any pull through, and it ends in a percolator with the seed of life pattern of cuts at the base of the main can. This style percolator is extremely unique and made by laser cutting through the glass! The smoke then flows up through the can before the hollow maria acts as a built-in splashguard in the neck to catch any potential water as the smoke flows up through the mouthpiece. This Dab Rig is a must have in any collection!

Joint: 14mm Female

Height: 8"


  • 14mm Premium Flower Bowl (Assorted styles, photos may vary!)
  • 14mm Premium Quartz Banger (Assorted styles, photos may vary!)