Panda Glass Bowl


The talented glassmakers at Empire Glassworks have created a masterpiece with this beautiful Panda Glass Bowl.  This meticulously-crafted bowl is made with durable borosilicate dichroic glass. 

The bowl is wrapped with decorative green bamboo shoots and features a bamboo lovin' panda bear on the side.  The cute panda also doubles as your handle.

This USA-made bowl measures 2.5 inches high and comes in both 14mm male joint sizes.  It will fit most standard water pipes and bongs with female joints.  

The Panda Glass Bowl will surely be endangered soon and will sell out.  Get yours before it's too late. 


Features & Specs:

  • 14mm male Joint
  • Bamboo shoot and Climbing Panada worked glass
  • Borosilicate Glass bowl
  • Made in California