December 2019 "Polar Bear Holiday" Smoking Subscription Box


Product add-ons

Celebrate the holidays Daily High Club style! This makes the ultimate holiday gift! Stuffed with the Polar Bear Snow Globe Bong that fills when you sesh, a custom Daily High Club Clipper Lighter, plus a bowl AND a Banger! Whether you missed out on our El Primo subscription or are looking for the perfect gift - The December Holiday box highlighted by our Snow Globe bong is the ultimate hook-up.

This box includes:

  • 14 mm Frosted Polar Bear Snow Globe Bong / Dab Rig
  • 14mm Premium Glass Bowl
  • 14 mm Premium Quartz Banger
  • Daily High Club Custom Holiday Clipper Lighter
  • Dip Devices Dab Tool
  • Juicy Jay's 1 ¼ Wide Candy Cane Flavored Rolling Papers
  • Beamer Smoke Organic Hemp Blunt Wrap Cones
  • Beeline Organic Hempwick
  • Buddies Tube
  • Dip Devices Sticker
  • Daily High Club Holiday Sticker Set