Cone Scope Dab Rig
Cone Scope Dab Rig
Cone Scope Dab Rig
Cone Scope Dab Rig
cone scope
close up of Cone Scope Bong
cone scope dab rig
cone bong
cheap bong
awesome bong

Cone Scope Dab Rig


Product add-ons

Elevate your smoking experience with the sleek and highly functional Cone Scopes Dab Rig, the peak  of function and aesthetics. This one of a kind bong features a fixed, slitted showerhead percolator, banger hanger style joint with razor marias, extra thicc base, and bent neck design to reduce splash - making it the perfect tube for dabs or bowls, and a fantastic addition to any smokers collection.


  • Height: 6.5''
  • Joint: 14mm Female 
  • Perc: Shower head


  • Scientific Design
  • Multiple Color-ways
  • Banger Hanger
  • Reinforced Shower Head Perc
  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Premium Quality
  • Heavy Duty 


  • 14mm Premium Flower Bowl (Assorted styles, photos may vary!)
  • 14mm Premium Quartz Banger (Assorted styles, photos may vary!)