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Blue Dream Hammer Bubbler


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What's Included?

  • Premium Quality Hammer Bubbler
  • Height: ~6"

What is a Hammer Bubbler?

Glass hammer bubblers are designed in the shape of small hammers, hence their name, and do not come in the typical glass bowl styles. The long handle in the hammer bubbler pipe allows for more space and larger amounts of smoke to be created.

This just might be our finest piece yet. Enjoy smooth rips with this beautiful glass hammer bubbler made from thick, high-quality glass. Live the dream.

How to Use Glass Hammer Bubblers

Hammer bubblers are pretty easy to learn and use, and would require the same process as any other water smoking pipe. Simply add water to your chamber, load your cannabis into the bowl, and light away! Don't forget the carb function that allows for a stronger and more powerful hit. Release the carb hole right before the big inhale.

Benefits of a Hammer Bubbler Pipe

  • Hammer bubblers hit quieter than standard bongs
  • A glass hammer bubbler provides powerful hits and inhales
  • Travel friendly and easily portable
  • No after taste due to the borosilicate glass