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Genie in the Bottle Beaker
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Genie in the Bottle Beaker


Product add-ons

People like shiny objects, even science agrees (look it up),  so after years of R&D as well as testing we are finally releasing this sick ass bong - The Anodized Bent Neck Beaker. Standing at 8.5” tall with a multi slitted scientific diffuser downstem and bent neck design to reduce splash, this little tube is a perfect travel piece or couch companion.Get lifted and refract hella light all at the same time with this awesome piece of scientific glassware.


  •       Bent Neck Design
  •       Anodized Finish
  •       Scientific Slitted Diffuser Downstem
  •       Convenient Size


  • Height: 8.5''
  • Joint: 18/14 Reduced Downstem
  • Perc: Multi Slitted Smoke Difuser 


    • Premium 14mm Male Flower Bowl