The Sledgehammer Heavy Duty 9mm Beaker Bong
The Sledgehammer Heavy Duty 9mm Beaker Bong blue
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"The Sledgehammer" Heavy Duty 9mm Beaker Bong

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What's Included?

  • 14mm Premium Male Flower Bowl
  • 18/14 Scientific Downstem

What is a 9mm Bong?

Bad case of the butterfingers? Or just looking for a tube that can double as a sledgehammer? Then This 9mm Accented Beaker bong is your new best friend because it's super thick. Approximately 12 inches tall and constructed from heavy wall 9mm borosilicate tubing, this 9mm bong can handle any abuse thrown its way while still delivering a perfect rip each time.

A 9mm glass bong is almost 2x the thickness of standard scientific glasses. This means your 9mm thick bong can withstand more than the average typical glass piece, making them a durable and reliable option for every stoner.

9mm Beaker Bong Highlights:

  • 9mm Thick
  • Height: ~12"
  • Joint: 18mm female