18mm Bubbler Bong
18mm Bubbler Bong
18mm Bubbler Bong

18mm Bubbler Bong


Product add-ons

Looking for an easy to use, low profile, and highly functional bubbler? The 18mm Accented Shower Head Bubbler is your new best friend! Standing at approximately 8” tall with an 18mm joint and multi slit scientific shower head percolator this little shredder is perfect for bowls or dabs, and its ergonomic design makes taking it on the go a breeze. Includes a premium 18mm flower bowl!


  • Height: ~8''
  • Joint: 18mm Female Joint
  • Perc: Multi Slitted Scientific Shower Head Perc


  • Accented Sections
  • Multi Slit Shower Head Percolator
  • Bubbler Style
  • Portable
  • 18MM Sized
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Premium 18mm Male Flower Bowl