How To: Avoid Smoking Faux Pas

How To: Avoid Smoking Faux Pas

August 17, 2018 Written by SHANNON GOFF

How To: Avoid Smoking Faux Pas

How To: Avoid Smoking Faux Pas
There are many ways to slip up in a smoke session. Save yourself and your circle from these common mistakes with DHC's how-to guide for avoiding smoking  faux pas!

Leave the Lip Gloss

DHC How To Avoid Smoking Faux Pas Leave Lip Products
When going to a smoking sesh, ditch the gloss or lipstick. Nothing bums out those next in line like a fresh coating of sticky lip products on the bong. Wait until after to put on the chapstick, opt for smudge-proof, long-lasting lip wear or just go without!

Stop the Spit Soak

DHC How To Avoid Smoking Faux Pas Spitty Roll
Don’t lip the tip! Nobody wants to go after you if it feels like you made out with the roll. If your salivary glands are working overtime, be courteous and wipe the bowl after pulling, or keep your lips pursed when smoking with papers.

Don’t be an Ash-hole

DHC How To Avoid Smoking Faux Pas Ashing
When passing a roll, be mindful of the ash. Tap it when appropriate, before passing, to prevent ash falling all willy-nilly and to keep that roll burning. It’s not only good etiquette, but it keeps the smoke flavorful - something everyone in the circle will appreciate!

Set the Scene

DHC How To Avoid Smoking Faux Pas Safe Place
While smoking is a lot more acceptable everywhere now, not everyone appreciates it. When planning a smoke sesh, seek out a supreme scene like someone’s house, a park or safe outdoor setting to prevent annoying others or harshing the smoke circle spirit.

Carb and Clear

DHC How To Avoid Smoking Faux Pas Carb and Clear
One thing smokers really don’t like: stale smoke. When in a smoke session, pull what you want and then clear that piece! You don’t have to impress anyone with a huge pull, but you will certainly annoy the next guy if you pull, use the carb and then inadequately clear the pipe or bong, leaving smoke hanging out in there. It doesn’t taste all that great when passed on and is kind of a bummer when passed on, so carb and clear!

Cut the Clueless Character

DHC How To Avoid Smoking Faux Pas Clueless
It’s fine to ask questions when you need to, but try not to act ditzy when everyone knows you’ve smoked a dozen times before. This isn’t your boyfriend teaching you how to play his favorite sport. Acting clueless isn’t cute here, it just holds up the circle. Be confident!

Pack with Poise

DHC How To Avoid Smoking Faux Pas Pack with Poise
Whether using a grinder or picking by hand, make sure you pack your bowl piece perfectly. Well, doesn’t have to be perfect...but it also doesn't have to be sloppy! Make sure you lay a solid base with a bigger piece of tobacco or legal herb, to prevent the rest of the filler from slipping through. Pack it tight, but not too tight for optimum airflow and pull.
PRO TIP: don’t overthink it, insert a reusable screen in the bowl to eliminate unwanted snacks!
DHC How To Avoid Smoking Faux Pas

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