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DHC's Top 10 Most Popular Bubblers

DHC's Top 10 Most Popular Bubblers

Whether you need something for on the go, or just a new pipe to welcome the fall season, you’re going to love this list of the 10 best mini-bongs and bubblers Daily High Club has to offer! Scroll through and be sure to take advantage of DHC’s current online holiday sale for 2018’s most popular products.

DHC Multi-Color Glass Bubbler

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Multi-Color Glass Bubbler
Enjoy smooth rips with this colorful water pipe made from thick, high quality glass. This badass bubbler has an 18mm joint, compatible with countless add-ons! Each one comes with a dome and nail accessory. Scoop it up in Rasta colors, yellow and blue, or Fire (red/yellow/white).

Champagne Bottle Bong/Dab Rig

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Champagne Bottle Rig
Pop bottles with the original DHC Champagne Bottle Rig! The circ perc’s multiple slits help with diffusion so there is little to no drag, and your bubbles stack for a rip smoother than fine champagne. Celebrate in style with this classy addition to your smoking supplies stash.
$19.99 (Reg. $49.99)

Donut Dab Rig

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Donut Dab Rig
Satisfy that sweet tooth with a tasty treat! This deliciously delightful donut rig comes with a 14mm female joint and a four hole puck perc. And don’t forget the toppings! Sprinkled on top of this cute little bong is a too-good-to-eat donut mouthpiece. Get it now while it’s mad cheap!
$24.99 (Reg. $64.99)

Baby Bottle Dab Rig

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Baby Bottle Rig
This glass is as cute as a button, but hits hard with a six-slitted downstem. comes with not one but three optional fixtures: flower bowl (tobacco), dome and nail (concentrates) or quartz banger (which includes bowl/dome + nail).
*Not recommended for actual babies.

Frosted Snowman Rig

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Snowman Rig
‘Tis the season all year round with the Frosted Snowman Rig. Sure to bring a smile to your face, this pipe spreads cheer to the smoke sesh. With a 1-hole downstem perc and its rounded physique, this little guy’s pulls are as cute as he is! Get a jump on holiday gifts by securing this mini rig today.

The Weapon of Grass Destruction

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Weapon of Grass Destruction
This aptly-sized water pipe has an intricate matrix perc, guaranteeing smooth pulls that pack a punch for papa. Since it came out, the Weapon of Grass Destruction has received rave reviews claiming it’s “the best hammer bubbler I have ever used. It’s not huge [and] can fit in most pockets. Best value I’ve ever seen on a piece.” Choose between a gold palm tree logo or a DHC one!

Circ Perc Bubbler

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Circ Perc Bubbler
She may be small but don't sleep on this pear-shaped babe. This bubbler's curvy bod reduces splash back while the bottom circ perc adds optimal diffusion. It's short stature also makes it super portable; a great grab-n-go piece. Pick up this short and sassy bong while it lasts!

DHC Lab Grade Scientific Beaker Bong

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Beaker Bong
Smoke with precision using our flagship piece, a custom made scientific glass beaker! We contracted an actual scientific glass company to make this thick 7" beaker with a 14mm fused glass downstem and 4 diffusion slits. Compatible with thousands of 14mm add-ons! Comes with a ceramic domeless nail + cap.

MJ Arsenal “The Merlin” Mini Rig + Rollie Bubbler

10 Best Bubblers from DHC MJ Arsenal Merlin Mini Rig
This magical mini rig is one of the latest additions to the MJ Arsenal lineup. It may be small, but its recycler system packs a punch by pulling water up into an upper chamber, cycling smoke through the water multiple times, creating more surface contact between hot smoke and cool, cleansing water. Includes a quartz banger, silicone carb plug and banger clip.

Chillcycler Dab Rig/Bong

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Chillcycler
This DHC x Chillbud collab bong is a must-have! The slitted downstem and single uptake/single drain recycler design will literally take your breath away. This 5” wonder has people raving, “This bong is awesome!!! It smokes smooth and the hits are phenomenal...five stars!!!”

Inline Perc to Triple Donut Perc Dab Rig

10 Best Bubblers from DHC Inline Perc to Triple Donut
This scientific rig features an inline perc to diffuse and cool smoke. As it travels upwards it reaches the triple donut perc, creating  more diffusion while it preventing splash towards your mouth. Choose between a glass dome + nail, bowl, or a premium quartz banger and bowl combo.
DHC Online Headshop Tommy Chong Steamroller


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