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How To: Keep Clean with Smojo Screens

How To: Keep Clean with Smojo Screens

How to Keep Clean with Smojo Screens
One of the most interesting items in DHC’s August box of smoking supplies is the Smojo ScreenThis little gadget makes a big difference in keeping your glass clean and preventing tobacco or legal herbs from getting wasted in your bong water.
DHC How To Keep Clean with Smojo Screens
Made of surgical steel, the Smojo Screen is designed to be the first permanent smoke screen, as opposed to the traditional mesh screen that must be replaced if it falls out or when big holes form in the wire.
DHC How To Keep Clean with Smojo Screens
Smojo Screens are super easy to use thanks to its foolproof design. Simply hold it with the “legs” pointing down, and then gently push it into the hole of your bowl piece using a gentle rocking motion until the legs go through and it locks into place. If it falls out, just spread the tails wider apart and re-insert. Then you can pack the bowl and enjoy the no-slip filter action again and again!
Cleaning is also much easier than conventional glass or mesh screens. All you need is a cotton swab and dab of alcohol! Since the legs give a little and the neck of the Smojo Screen is long enough to actually lift up a bit without the legs coming out of the bowl piece, you can gently pull the screen up and run the cotton swab over and under the screen without ever removing it completely. The flat top also allows you to clean effectively with a cotton swab and little effort, instead of a wire screen with a bunch of grooves and holes to worry about. Just rub alcohol over and around the Smojo Screen, then wipe away with a clean swab and you’re good to go!
DHC How To Keep Clean with Smojo Screens
The team at DHC has absolutely fallen in love with this innovative product - but so have many others! Ruffhouse Studios gave it 5 stars across the board, evaluating price/value, performance and design. They claim it “works perfectly” and is a “revolutionary product,” and we can’t wait for DHC clubbers to see why!

If you don’t make the date, don’t worry! You can also get it in our online headshop for regular retail value.

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