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How To: Identify Types of Percs

How To: Identify Types of Percs

If you’re a lover of bongs and dab rigs, then you probably already know the basics of percolators. But maybe you only play with pipes and have no idea how much percs can up your smoking game. Never fear, DHC is here! We’ll walk you through the importance of percs and the most common types so you can walk into that next smoke sesh as a bonafide perc professional.

Why Percs are Awesome

DHC How To Identify Types of Percs Diamond Weapon of Grass Destruction
Percolators are common additions to bongs, bubblers and dab rigs, and many of these pipes have them built in to their glass design. They also come as add-ons to modify your glass with, so you can still reap the benefits if your go-to bong isn’t constructed with one, or if you just want to double-down on diffusion. Basically, when smoke travels through your bong and the water inside, the percolator filters the smoke and cools it down before you inhale. This makes smoking much healthier and (arguably) more enjoyable than using a typical dry pipe, by removing harmful toxins and creating a smoking experience that’s less harsh on your lungs.

Top 10 Percolator Styles

Now it’s time for the good stuff. Here are the most popular percolator types and how each one works.

Diffused Downstem

How To Identify Types of Percs Diffused Downstem
This is the most basic of perc types, and can be fixed in the construction of the bong or removable. They look like a vertical pipe extending from the bowl piece joint fixture, with slits at its base. The base of the downstem sits under the water and cools the smoke as it flows from the bowl and up through the top of the bong.

Inline Perc

How To Identify Types of Percs Inline Perc
An inline percolator is a horizontal tube with several slits in it. As you may have guessed, the more slits there are in the tube, the more diffusion the inline perc creates. As air, smoke and bubbles are created and moved throughout each one.

Circ Perc

DHC How To Identify Types of Percs
Circ percs are exactly what they sound like! They’re circular glass percolators, kind of like a rounded hockey puck, with slits around the outside. They are usually attached to the bowl’s joint at the bottom of a downstem.

Showerhead Perc

DHC How To Identify Types of Percs Showerhead
These percs utilize a tube connected to the main chamber, that pulls smoke up and through a larger tube, and then pushes it down and out of a round base with slits or holes of varying sizes to maximize diffusion. It’s easy to recognize as it looks just like a showerhead!

Honeycomb Perc

How To Identify Types of Percs Honeycomb
Honeycomb percs look like discs that are riddled with holes. They are completely flat and often come in twos, creating multiple chambers with a stacked design. The percs are parallel to the base of the bong or dab rig, helping them shoot bubbles straight up the chambers. The more levels of percs, the more filtration and cooling you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

Tree Perc

DHC How To Identify Types of Percs Tree Perc
This type of perc is crazy easy to recognize, made of of multiple arms with slits and connected at the top. Air comes up from below and is forced through a central tube and down through the arms, creating a bevy of bubbles. Tree percs are now one of the most common percolators found in bongs, but be careful. Depending on the amount of arms, they can be fairly delicate.

Matrix Perc

DHC How to Identify Types of Percs Matrix
Matrix percolators can really amp up the aesthetic of your water pipe. They’re usually cylindrical in shape and located in the center of the bong’s base. Matrix percs have both vertical and horizontal slits, resulting in super high volumes of diffusion because of all the different directions that the smoke can separate.

Swiss Perc

DHC How To Identify Types of Percs Swiss Fab Beaker
Swiss percs are one in a million when it comes to design. Bongs featuring this percolator can look like they were victims of a barrage of bullets, with holes throughout. But these holes are actually the percolator part! Air is forced around these holes, filtering smoke without creating any drag on your pull. They’re functional and stylish, and definitely one of our faves.

Donut Perc

DHC How To Identify Types of Percs Donut
Another aptly named percolator, donut percs are similar to the Swiss-cheese like perc above but only have one hole (although the DHC dab rig above has three!). The singular hole pushes water and smoke around it, creating diffusion and acting as a natural splashguard!

Turbine Perc

DHC How To Identify Types of Percs Matrix
Another cool option, turbine percs create a dope look as you pull. Commonly paired with honeycomb percs because of their flat-disc construction, these percolators feature angled slits around the main chamber of your rig and create a whirlpool as water and bubbles are pulled from chamber to chamber. This cools and diffuses smoke while making you feel fly AF when you smoke.
DHC How To Identify Types of Percs

This list certainly isn’t all-inclusive, but this should kickstart your quest for the perfect perc, and guide you through all of the bongs and dab rigs in the DHC online headshop!

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