Dab Rig Kit - Ultimate Concentrates


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Looking for a dab rig kit but don't know where to get started? Our custom curated DHC Concentrate dab kit has everything you need to get dabbing, just get your favorite product and your good to go!

Dab Kit Specs:

Our Ultimate Concentrates dab kit includes a 6 inch rig with a 14mm female and a pyramid showerhead percolator. This dabbing kit is all you need to get your concentrate game on.

  • Height: ~6''
  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Perc: Showerhead Pyramid


Dab Rig Kit Highlights:

Everything a stoner needs is in this dab rig kit. The most affordable dabber kit on the market with premium DHC torch, oil rig, wand, and so much more. If you are looking for the best dab rig starter kit this is the essential concentrates kit.

  • New & Improved
  • Perfect for a Gift
  • Sesh Ready
  • Affordable

Your Dab Rig Starter Kits Includes:

Our DHC dab rig kit has all premium products essential for any 420 enthusiast. Get your dab kit today with free shipping on orders in the United States.

  • Daily High Club Purple Pyramid Perc Bong
  • Daily High Club Blazed Torch (ASSORTED COLORS)
  • Daily High Club 6pc Vape Swabs
  • 14mm Quartz Banger
  • 14mm Flower Bowl
  • Directional Flow Carb Cap
  • 2mm Silicone Jar (ASSORTED COLORS)
  • Premium Titanium Dab Tool
  • Silicone Dab Mat