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QLOUDUP Nexus Pro Pen

QLOUDUP Nexus Pro Pen


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The Nexus Pro is the first ever magnetic connecting, stainless steel vaporizer. The Nexus Pro vape pen is designed to be ultra portable, easy to use and be the healthiest way to vape. Included with the Nexus Pro are two of the finest atomizers; a Ceramic DisQ II atomizer, for full taste and smooth hits and a Dual Quartz Atomizer, for big clouds and powerful hits. The battery is temperature controlled with 4 different settings and packs a large capacity for days of use.

Compatible with:

Concentrates/Extracts (Not for dry herb or oil/liquids)


Stainless steel body

Magnetic connecting components

Magnetic charging

Quick charge (under 60 mins)

Compact 4.5 inches tall

Deep half gram chamber

Durable glass mouthpiece w/ splash guard

Two types of atomizers

650 mAh battery w/ quick charge

4 Temperature settings (330f, 390f, 420f, 480f)

No Wicks, Glues, Dyes or Paint

Lifetime warranty (battery)

Whats in the box:

Nexus Pro Vape Pen

Magnetic DisQ II Atomizer

Magnetic Dual Titanium Crystal Quartz Atomizer

Magnetic Quick Charger

Dabbing Tool

UserÈs Manual