Rasta Dab Rig
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Rasta Dab Rig

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The Rasta Dab Rig is a sweet little piece built for insane rips and is perfect for on the go smoking.


It doesn't have 435 percolators and a laser-guided missile defense system, but it does have an awesome 4 hole puck perc for smooth rips!


Comes with Quartz Banger!




Height: 5"

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Joint: 14mm Female

Includes 14mm Male quartz banger

Male 90 degree nail





Bent Neck

High heat retention

Concentrate Pipe

Highest Quality

90 degree joint

Female Joint

Borosilicate Glass


Fixed Downstem

4 Hole Diffuser Downstem

Ergonomic Design

4 Hole Puck Percolator


What's in the box?


Rasta Dab Rig

14mm Male quartz banger 90 degrees