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Ultimate Rolling Kit - DHC Rolling Tray Set


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Stop wasting time with overpriced rolling kits when you can get everything you need in this rolling tray kit to save you money and roll the perfect joint.

Rolling Kits That Save You Money

Why buy a rolling tray when you can get a rolling tray set, with everything you need to get your toke on and save money! A premium metal rolling tray kit with rolling paper, rolling machine, stash tube, and even a mini grinder. You save buy buying all these stoner essentials together!

Roll The Perfect Blunt with this Rolling Tray Kit

Its time to end sloppy rolling! Roll a perfect joint every time with the ultimate rolling kits from DHC. We're bringing you everything you need to roll up and smoke, don't try to roll up and find out you forgot one of the essentials. Everything you need for the perfect joint is in this rolling tray set!

Rolling Kits Include:

  • Daily High Club Metal Rolling Tray
  • Herbsaver Mini Grinder (assorted colors)
  • RAW 79mm Rolling Machine
  • RAW 1 1/4 Wide Papers
  • DHC Silicone Smoke Ring
  • Buddies Tube
  • Paper Rolling Tips